www.frys.com/signmeup – Frys Email List

Get the best deals that Frys has to offer on the best technology in your email every day by signing up for their email list at www.frys.com/signmeup. If you want save big and get maximum savings on your electronics, make sure that you sign up for great deals. Many of the great offers you will see through this email list come with a promo code that is available to use in-store only. Many times quantity limits do apply so make sure to read your emails for details.

To get the best deals, sign up to be added to the list by visiting www.frys.com/signmeup and inserting a valid email address and required box. To make sure that you get the deals that pertain to the closest Frys location to you, enter the ZIP Code of the Frys retail store you will be visiting most frequently.

You will receive daily emails if you choose to accept the days in which they email new lists. Or you can select the days in which you wish to receive personal promo codes for both in-store shopping and online. You’ll find a list of days starting from Sunday going through Saturday. Simply select or check the boxes next to the day in which you wish to receive emails.

After you have selected the days and click the subscribe to select an email specials you will need to go into your email address and make sure that you have set your email to accept emails from frys. You will want to add service@CS.frys.com and service@email.frys.com to your address book to ensure that their emails get to your inbox and not to your spam box.