www.frys.com/rebates – Rebate Info and Forms

Get your rebate form in a printable version by filling in your product information at www.frys.com/rebates. He recently made a purchase at Frys that came with an eligible rebate, you’ll need a few things to get your rebate in motion. First you going to need the items rebate number or you will need the products UPC number. Next you’ll need to fill out the purchase date and which you acquired the item then select go to see the rebate form information and link.

Frys goal is to be fast, friendly and provide courteous service so when filling out a manufacturer rebate form Frys recommends that you follow the steps below. Many weekly deal items come with a rebate, if you have purchased any items online or in store, make sure to check to see if any rebates are offered.

  1. If you happen to have any inquiries about a rebate on a purchased item through Frys, it is vital that you make photocopies of these following items for follow-up purposes: the original purchase receipt, fully completed rebate form and UPC number from the product.
  2. Make sure to carefully read and follow the instructions given to you on the rebate form.
  3. If for any reason you have not received your rebate within the allotted time given to you on the rebate form, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance at the phone number that is given to you on the rebate form. The allotted time. For rebate payments starts with the postmark date.
  4. Your satisfaction is very important to Fry’s, if for any reason you have any cause for concern make sure to contact the customer service department to obtain assistance if you have any difficulty obtaining assistance directly from the manufacturer.

If you need to contact fries for any reason including sales or customer service they can be reached at service@CS.frys.com or you can reach the customer service fax line at 1-408-487-4700 or call them directly at 1-408-350-1484.