www.frys.com/deals – Frys Weekly Deals

Find all of Fry’s best deals by visiting www.frys.com/deals and see how you can save money on some of your favorite electronics. Order from frys.com and get free shipping anytime you purchase more than $34 in merchandise. View their online catalog which features special deals typically within a one-week time. This is a great way to save big money on computers, laptops, TVs and many other electronic items.

Prices are constantly updating, so make sure to check back with their deal program often. Use your fries credit card to make payments on purchases and get special financing. There are three separate financing programs that are offered depending on the item they are purchasing. You can choose one of the following programs to make your payments in a span of 365 days, 730 days or 1095 days.

Avoid Interest with Frys Credit

If you pay within the allotted time that you select to make your payments and, you will incur no interest. Keep in mind that monthly payments are required and if the payment is not paid in full within the allotted time. Then you will occur interest from the date of purchase. Making the minimum monthly payment each month may not be enough to pay the purchased item off with in time to avoid interest charges. Keep this in mind and make sure make big enough payments so that interest is not incurred.

The special financing is not valid on all items, and financing is subject to credit approval only through fries credit program at www.fryscredit.com. For more information on how to apply for fries credit, create an account or log into your current account visit our instructional right up here at www.fryzcredit.com.