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Get your rebate form in a printable version by filling in your product information at He recently made a purchase at Frys that came with an eligible rebate, you’ll need a few things to get your rebate in motion. First you going to need the items rebate number or you will need the products UPC number. Next you’ll need to fill out the purchase date and which you acquired the item then select go to see the rebate form information and link.

Frys goal is to be fast, friendly and provide courteous service so when filling out a manufacturer rebate form Frys recommends that you follow the steps below. Many weekly deal items come with a rebate, if you have purchased any items online or in store, make sure to check to see if any rebates are offered.

  1. If you happen to have any inquiries about a rebate on a purchased item through Frys, it is vital that you make photocopies of these following items for follow-up purposes: the original purchase receipt, fully completed rebate form and UPC number from the product.
  2. Make sure to carefully read and follow the instructions given to you on the rebate form.
  3. If for any reason you have not received your rebate within the allotted time given to you on the rebate form, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance at the phone number that is given to you on the rebate form. The allotted time. For rebate payments starts with the postmark date.
  4. Your satisfaction is very important to Fry’s, if for any reason you have any cause for concern make sure to contact the customer service department to obtain assistance if you have any difficulty obtaining assistance directly from the manufacturer.

If you need to contact fries for any reason including sales or customer service they can be reached at or you can reach the customer service fax line at 1-408-487-4700 or call them directly at 1-408-350-1484. – Frys Weekly Deals

Find all of Fry’s best deals by visiting and see how you can save money on some of your favorite electronics. Order from and get free shipping anytime you purchase more than $34 in merchandise. View their online catalog which features special deals typically within a one-week time. This is a great way to save big money on computers, laptops, TVs and many other electronic items.

Prices are constantly updating, so make sure to check back with their deal program often. Use your fries credit card to make payments on purchases and get special financing. There are three separate financing programs that are offered depending on the item they are purchasing. You can choose one of the following programs to make your payments in a span of 365 days, 730 days or 1095 days.

Avoid Interest with Frys Credit

If you pay within the allotted time that you select to make your payments and, you will incur no interest. Keep in mind that monthly payments are required and if the payment is not paid in full within the allotted time. Then you will occur interest from the date of purchase. Making the minimum monthly payment each month may not be enough to pay the purchased item off with in time to avoid interest charges. Keep this in mind and make sure make big enough payments so that interest is not incurred.

The special financing is not valid on all items, and financing is subject to credit approval only through fries credit program at For more information on how to apply for fries credit, create an account or log into your current account visit our instructional right up here at

Frys Payment Options

There are many payment options available for your Frys account including credit cards, wire transfers, money orders and personal checks. If you place an order by phone, all mentioned payment methods are available. COD orders are not accepted.

Credit cards and debit cards

As far as credit cards are concerned, accepts the following credit cards; American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. After an order is placed your card will not be charged until your order has shipped. If an order is shipped out as partial, then your bill will be billed as partial. The shipping and handling fees will be billed when the first item ships. If you have a frys credit account, you can use your Frys credit card to make your payment as well. Apply for a credit line at If you’re using a chase credit card and looking for a chase credit line increase, you can request to have your limit increased if your account is in good standings.

Wire transfer

If you’re looking to pay for a purchase using a wire transfer, be aware that there is up to a $20 bank fee that could be added to the transaction. If you have any questions you can email the sales department for questions or you can call 1-408-350-1484.

Money orders and personal checks

Money orders and personal checks are also accepted as long as they are in US currency. Checks are accepted as long as there from US banks and in US currency. Keep in mind that when you pay by personal check that the process is considerably slower than if you were to use a credit or debit card. If you wish to melon your payment melt all payments to:
First Electronic Bank PO Box 760, Draper, UT 84020

You can use gift cards to pay for your payments also but these must be made in store. Gift cards may also be redeemed online at

Reference: – Frys Email List

Get the best deals that Frys has to offer on the best technology in your email every day by signing up for their email list at If you want save big and get maximum savings on your electronics, make sure that you sign up for great deals. Many of the great offers you will see through this email list come with a promo code that is available to use in-store only. Many times quantity limits do apply so make sure to read your emails for details.

To get the best deals, sign up to be added to the list by visiting and inserting a valid email address and required box. To make sure that you get the deals that pertain to the closest Frys location to you, enter the ZIP Code of the Frys retail store you will be visiting most frequently.

You will receive daily emails if you choose to accept the days in which they email new lists. Or you can select the days in which you wish to receive personal promo codes for both in-store shopping and online. You’ll find a list of days starting from Sunday going through Saturday. Simply select or check the boxes next to the day in which you wish to receive emails.

After you have selected the days and click the subscribe to select an email specials you will need to go into your email address and make sure that you have set your email to accept emails from frys. You will want to add and to your address book to ensure that their emails get to your inbox and not to your spam box.